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4 Tools You Need to Boost Your Multichannel E-Commerce Sales

Running a successful multichannel retailing requires an amicable strategy. One pillar of a good strategy is to have the right tools on your channels. As you know, tools make your work easier. For instance, it is simple to use a hammer to fix two pieces of wood with a nail. Using a bare hand can take you forever. There is no difference when it comes to the virtual world.

You need to fix various issues such as centralizing your inventory management, posting content across the sales channels, as well as providing a shopping cart in each. Without reliable tools, this can be an uphill task. If you are planning to join others in the multichannel retailing, here are the top five tools to help you boost your sales:

– Ecwid

Have you walked into a store only to find that there are no shopping carts? You had to choose whether to carry the items you shopped one by one to the attendant desk or move to the next store. For your online selling points to be complete, you must provide a shopping cart. Customers purchasing through social media, your website, or other marketplaces need a shopping cart to process their orders. However, providing a cart for each channel can be a tedious task.

With Ecwid, you can have a unified shopping cart across the selling points and marketplaces. As such, if you want to enhance your enterprise e-commerce sales through multichannel selling, Ecwid is a valuable tool to accelerate your objectives.

– StitchLabs

Another important aspect of any business is effective inventory management. Inventory is the reason a business exists. One challenge that you can encounter in your business is stock-outs. Imagine your customer purchasing through the Facebook page and finds the product is out of stock while you are having an overstock issue in the real sense. Or else, a person buying through your online store sees available status while you do not have any product in your warehouse. A problem in your inventory management can cripple your business forever.

In this essence, StitchLabs is a crucial tool for your multichannel retailing business. The tool enhances your inventory management by centralizing the inventory. In a simple language, this tool enables you to manage your inventories at one point. This way you avoid cases of stock outs or displaying incorrect information in any of the platforms and selling points.

– eRated

As you know, modern customers make purchases depending on the information they have about a product. One source of information is other customer’s reviews.  However, when running a multichannel e-commerce business, it can be hard to have a centralized customer reviews page where potential shoppers can find information to enable them to make their purchase decisions. For instance, a customer may buy a product through your online store and leave a review.

Displaying the review across your selling channels can boost your sales. This is where eRated comes in. This tool enables you to collect reviews across your channels and offer you an integrated review point where all customers review your product at one end. In this regard, you can enhance customer purchase decisions as well as build their brand trust through displaying all your reviews at a one-stop point.

– Remarkety

Cart abandonment is a severe challenge for many online entrepreneurs. Sometimes your prices and transaction processing strategy might be a barrier to making sales across the channels. If you are facing these challenges, Remarkety can be a good idea. This tool enables you to retarget your customers within customized and personalized offers through their emails. This way you reduce chances of an abandoned cart which ensures more sales in your multichannel e-commerce platforms.